Wednesday, November 14, 2012


During the holidays we are prime targets for identity fraud and scams.  Our credit cards are in constant use both online and in retail stores, various charitable organizations are asking for our help, and our mailboxes are filled with bill, offers, and personal correspondence.  The distracted, the elderly, and the trusting are all vulnerable.  How can we protect our identity and our good credit? 

Mike Savenelli of BCI Financial (Cheshire, CT) will be at the library on Monday, November 19 at 6:30 PM to present a workshop on Identity Fraud and Scams. He will cover 10 major points that will help you to prevent becoming a victim of these crimes and teach you what to do if you have been a victimized already. In 2010, 8.3 million people were victims of identity theft and scams and more people are being targeted each year. The year 2011 saw an increase of 13%, to 11.6 million victims.

Mike Savenelli has been in the credit industry for 43 years and has an extensive background in the area credit fraud. He has served with a number of credit fraud organizations and has worked with law enforcement professionals. Handouts with information on identity fraud and related issues will be available for attendees.

Consider taking an hour from your busy life to learn how to protect yourself from this increasing prevalent crime.  Please call 860-627-1495 to register.


  1. “Consider taking an hour from your busy life to learn how to protect yourself from this increasing prevalent crime.” Good advice. In these times, it is indeed wise to always be prepared for and protected from scams. A credit card owner should check his/her financial statements regularly and immediately report if there are any unusual occurrences. Freezing one’s credit report can also help in preventing identity theft, since it can stop inquiries without the owner’s permission.

    Annie Valdez

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